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Welcome to Dayton Raceway


Simulcasting available seven days a week, from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.!

Watch and wager on simulcast horse races from around the country in our simulcast theater and clubhouse area seven days a week.

Live Harness

Welcome to Dayton, Ohio!

Dayton raceway offers track-side seating with an up-close view! Live Racing season is September through December.  Stay tuned for the 2023 opening date!



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Kentucky Derby 2023

The Big Race, saturday, May 6th

Watch & wager with us at Hollywood Dayton Raceway for the Kentucky Derby!

Upstairs Racing Area is by reservation only. Seating starts at $10 per person. We can accommodate both large and small groups.

Call 937-235-7593 to reserve your seat before it is gone!

Use of cameras to photograph the races at Dayton Raceway is only allowed under certain conditions. Anyone wishing to photograph the races must contact our facility in advance and ask permission through our Security Department at 937-235-7572. The equipment being used must be approved by the property. Access will be limited to general viewing areas only.

All images are the property of Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway and public display, reproduction and/or sale is strictly prohibited without express written permission.